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ESW America

Engine and Vehicle Testing

ESW America Inc. is a leading independent engine and vehicle testing company. Our state-of-the-art testing facility is equipped to perform a wide variety of testing using engine dynamometers and heavy- and light-duty chassis dynamometers. Testing services include on-board diagnostics (OBD) development, emissions testing, research and development, system validation, and hydrothermal aging.  Certification services include vehicle certification testing and engine certification testing for EPA, CARB, and the EU. 


Heavy-Duty Engine Testing

  • AC transient 1,000 hp, 885 hp, and 500 hp engine dynamometers with motoring capabilities

  • Standard or custom test cycles available

  • Fully integrated computer interface for ease of switching/selecting of test cycles

  • Diesel, gasoline, CNG, and dual fuel capabilities

Heavy-Duty Vehicle Testing

  • R&D, OBD, and certification testing up to 575 hp (428 kW)

  • Simulated weight up to 80,000 lb (36,364 kg)

  • Standard or custom test cycles available

  • Diesel, gasoline, CNG, and dual fuel capabilities

Light-Duty Vehicle Testing

  • Engine calibration, certification, and development

  • Maximum speed 8,000 rpm

  • CFR compliant (part 89 and 90)

Small Engine Testing

  • Two dynamometers, 5 hp (3.7 kW) and 20 hp (14.9 kW)

  • Emission test cycles: any multi-mode steady cycle

  • Certification tests for EPA and CARB, calibration and developmental testing

  • Applications: lawn & garden mowers, snow blowers, hand-held equipment, portable gensets

Motorcycle/ATV Testing

  • Custom extended roll for wider wheel base vehicles, motorcycles and ATVs (up to 75″ wheel-to-wheel (190.5 cm) )

  • Mustang AC-40-ATV chassis dynamometer, 20" diameter single roll

  • 40 hp AC dyno simulate a wide range of Road Load Power (RLP) including Class I, II, III up to 160 km/hr or 100 miles/hr

  • Fuel economy testing, regulatory or custom test cycles, mileage accumulation

Accelerated and Hydrothermal Aging

  • Engine test cell protocols to expose components to exhaust temperatures up to 750 °C

  • Hydrothermal aging chambers with a maximum temperature of 1200 °C

  • Fabrication facility to remove substrates from system and repackage as needed

Emission Capabilities

  • Full flow CVS & partial flow system

  • Gaseous emissions: NOx, NO2, NO, THC, CH4, CO, CO2, NH3

  • Celeco smoke meter

  • Double dilution gravimetric PM, Horiba MDLT partial flow PM

  • PM elemental and organic carbon (EC:OC) speciation

  • Other capabilities upon request: raw emissions measurement, urea storage and distribution, PM sulfate, and nitrate analysis

Visit the ESW America website to learn more about our testing services, capabilities, and experience.

ESW America
200 Progress Drive
Montgomeryville, PA 18936
Tel: (215) 699-0730
Fax: (215) 699-1518


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